Climbing Mount Pico with Guide, what to expect?

Climbing mount pico alone

Of course you can climbing it alone, you’ll still get to enjoy the wonderful landscape of Pico island and its gorgeous mountain however, you’ll be presented with a whole new set of challenges while exploring this mountain, if climbing mount pico alone you’ll have nobody to rely on but yourself making you more vulnerable to the imposing mount pico.

What about before the climbing? What do you need to have a safe climb? How to prepare yourself for the climb? This and many other questions are answered by climbing with a professional guide like Renato Goulart!

Climbing with renato goulart

Climbing Mount Pico with Renato Goulart brings your experience to a whole new level, you’ll not only get to see the landscape, due to Renato’s local knowledge you’ll start to understand your surroundings while experiencing it, you’ll get to know what fauna and flora your’re stepping in.

Renato also helps you with everything you need, climbing equipment isn’t an exception, Renato has everything you need to use during the climbing, from “piolets” (climbing pickaxes) to gloves and boots, this will not only provide you a better a safe climb but also will help you to save some money on this experience. Even before and after the climbing Renato is worried with your welfare, always advising you which meals should you do for a better physical preparation.

While climbing, wow, what can I say? It’s the same mountain but with Renato the experience is always unique, from stories to jokes Renato is always on your side to keep you up and take you to the summit mentally strong and happy. Renato still gives you time for reflection while enjoying the landscape, a thing that might help you to relax your mind

Climbing Mount Pico might seem difficult and harsh but Renato will turn this into a stunning and breathtaking experience. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and come with us on this unique experience!


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