Overnight Climb Pico


Feel the night inside the crater which stars, moon, and a fantastic scenery on the top of the volcano. Contemplate the night and wait for the sunrise…

The ascent at night is a mixture of emotions and sensations… To be able to see a dusk from the top of Portugal’s Highest Mountain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, to contemplate a starry sky inside a Crater at 2.300 meters of altitude and accompanied by a sunset fantastic seen from the “piquinho” and the next day a unique dawn from the top of a dormant volcano is undoubtedly the best gift one can have when visiting the Azores.





DURATION : 3pm /12 pm,  21h duration

ALTITUDE: 2351 MT 7713 FT


PARTICIPANTS: Maximum of 15 pax



  • Sunset and Sunrise experiences
  • Unique shadow effect of Pico Mountain over the Ocean
  • Vulcanology
  • Starry night sky
  • Vistapoint to the islands Central Group



Certified Pico Guide, Personal Accident Insurance, Tax and Fees, Hike Sticks, head Flashlights, tents and sleeping bags, Transfer from Madalena.


Backpack of up to 40L, clothing, food and water.



Hiking boots or shoes, extra socks, rain/wind jacked and pants, wool or fleece hat, water, bottle(s) in a total of at least 1,5L/2L per person, energy snacks (ex: cereal bars, fruit) sunscreen and sunglasses (ideally polarized).



All activities are dependent of weather conditions and of the guide’s assessment of heath and safety conditions for any participant. People who are going to do this activity should have some physical condition and no health problems. They should also have experience walking in trails ranked at some difficulty level and with steeper slopes and loose stones, rocks and dirt. The trails have as maximum extension of about 4 km of climb and the trail that the group takes to go up will be the same to descend.

The meeting point is at the Mountain’s House House at an altitude of 1230 meters. Then we will climb and ascend to the summit of Pico with an altitude of 2351 meters. The walk lasts about 3 to 4 hours of climb and about the same time to descend.


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GPS Route from the climb to the Pico


Our amazing moments and views