About Renato Goulart

IMG_20180523_103811_891 “At eXPerience2351 we are focused on a nature tourism where safety, pleasure and the act of sharing unique moments between us and the alive and intact Nature of these islands all come together in an experience of a lifetime. My mission is to safely guide you in the experience of living and feeling this amazing live Nature!”



Renato Goulart is a true man of the earth, born in the Lages of Pico Island and with the ability to feel the earth like no one else can. From an early age he felt a fascination by the Pico Mountain and little by little that same passion gained form and made him the “King of the Mountain” Renato Goulart, accredited guide of the Pico Mountain.  As he says it, the Mountain is his home.

Founder and CEO of eXPerience2351, after starting guided climbs in 1994, he makes his life purpose to safely show everyone, through organized eXPeriences, the invaluable beauty of this land and Mountain of “his” and of the triangle formed by these 3 incredibly nature rich islands: Pico, Faial and São Jorge.

With 24 years of climbing experience in Portugal’s highest mountain, with 2.351 meters of altitude, Renato has accomplished 2.180 fully safe climbs, with almost 20 thousand kilometers done going up and down the Pico Mountain.

Lover by nature of Pico Mountain, reason why he goes up several times just for fun and because he feels good and happy when at the summit, Renato loves his job, loves nature, to get along with all the tourists who visit these islands and above all, to be able to show the most beautiful landscapes in Portugal and even the world.