“2351” is a documentary about Man’s intimate relationship with Pico mountain. At the center of this perceptual documentary is Renato Goulart, the man who has climbed the mountain more than 2.200 times and intends to reach 2.351 climbs, its hight in meters. In a discontinued period of several months and several climbs, we accompanied Renato in his daily adventure, constructing an intimate and eremitical portrait of the Man and the Island – two discourses where personal narratives and nature converge. By Pedro Canavilhas, B’Lizzard Productions.


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About Renato Goulart

IMG_20180523_103811_891 “At eXPerience2351 we are focused on a nature tourism where safety, pleasure and the act of sharing unique moments between us and the alive and intact Nature of these islands all come together in an experience of a lifetime. My mission is to safely guide you in the experience of living and feeling this amazing live Nature!”



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